Yes, There’s More: A Creative Threads Workshop

Yes, There's More:
A Creative Threads Workshop

Accept the Challenge. Discover Your Calling.
Do you ever wake up and just have this feeling that there has to be more? That there’s another layer to your life that you have yet to uncover? What about when you want to chase your dreams but you’re not really sure what your dreams are?

Are you ready to find clarity and bring your dreams to life? It’s time.

Wednesday November 10th, 7 – 9pm
Columbia DoubleTree, Columbia, MD
Price: $49.95 FREE


Do you have a growing feeling that there’s something more? That there’s a big “next thing” in your life but you just don’t know what it is? It’s blurry, abstract. But it’s real. And it’s pulling you toward something, you’re just not sure to what.

Other times you do have a vision in mind for what you want to do next in life. You know which direction to go but you’re stuck- life is too complicated already and honestly- you just don’t see the path to get there.

Whether you know where you’re going or just have a sense that you need change in your life, one thing is certain… you have to act. You have to make a move. Do something. Get a plan. Find clarity. Gather support. Find inspiration. This workshop will awaken your passion and give you a plan. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Born from the book Creative Threads, this workshop is a blend of motivation, inspiration, and preparation to help you move from vague ideas to specific action with your future. Led by speaker, trainer, and communicator Jon Barnes, you’ll experience Jon’s unique, personable, and unforgettable style blending humor, wit, and wisdom together to help you awaken your future.

With over 15 years of experience in creative communications industries, Jon Barnes knows the challenges of trying to “think big and go for it” when the path doesn’t always make sense. From art school to youth ministry, creative agencies and YouTube videos, Jon has inspired over 1 million people across the world, giving motivational and practical guidance on identifying, clarifying, and pursuing their dreams in creative industries, entrepreneurship, and business.

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You know there’s more.
Are you ready to go for it?

Is This Workshop For You?

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who knows their life needs to change SOON
  • Anyone considering a major career move
  • Anyone who feels that life is missing something essential
  • Anyone with a craving to do more, be more, and next level their life

What problems will we solve?

  • Lack of clarity about a major life decision
  • Lack of knowledge about how to get started with major life change
  • Not knowing what career to pursue next
  • Boredom with your current vision for your life

What will you gain?

  • Greater clarity about your calling and future
  • An actionable plan to take the next steps towards your goal
  • Inspiration for tackling new and bigger challenges
  • Systems for your life to habituate your change patterns



DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Columbia
5485 Twin Knolls Rd, Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: +14109971060

Jon has the ability to take a client’s vision and bring it to life. He is gifted in a creative sense as how to evaluate exactly what is needed in a campaign and then execute it.

Stephanie C. Williams

Stephanie C. Williams

President, Crowned One Worldwide Inc.
Jon Barnes understands that true leadership is about inspiration and authenticity.  With Jon you get both of these key attributes in a way that makes you want to grow to be a better leader and serve others.  His insights, perspectives and infectious enthusiasm will help anyone desiring to improve their leadership abilities.
Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey

Chief Operating Officer, ADG Creative

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Jon Barnes In Action

Workshop Agenda:

  • Why are you here? Identifying the door in your life
  • More than a hunch: Looking for clarity, seeing the future
  • Look for the light: Making a P.A.C.T. to take proactive action
  • Kicking down the door: Putting momentum to your vision
  • Tools, tactics, and tips for change

Attendees Will Receive:

  • Workshop notebook guide
  • Creative Threads swag
  • 10% off all curriculum, merchandise, and courses
  • Wristband and action cards
  • Refreshments and beverages

What’s with the door?

Everyone’s familiar with a door. It keeps places separate. Creates a division between “this” and “that,” between “here” and “there.” Ultimately, everywhere you want to get to in life involves stepping through some kind of door to the place you want to get to. Sometimes the door is closed, sometimes it’s cracked, sometimes it’s wide open. But it’s rarely locked.

Ready to step through yours?

WARNING: You WILL be challenged to ask the hard questions about your life. You WILL be writing down goals and ideas that will make you nervous. It is meant to be a stretch. If you feel fully ready for this then DON’T COME. We are looking for those who are brave, not perfect. We are looking for those READY to embrace a challenge, not avoid it. Teachability and courage are the ingredients, nothing else. Is it you?


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