What’s the song

that all of your past experiences are singing?
I’m Jon Barnes and in my brief years on this planet I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing a wide variety of places, careers, and experiences. Whether growing up in Germany, becoming an Eagle Scout, going to automotive design school, or sitting in a Lamborghini Huracan, I’ve been blessed with opportunities and the ability to learn from them. My life now is about gathering people together and inspiring them. I find the deepest joy in being able to share my story about finding the “creative thread” between all my past careers and experiences, and being able to cast a vision to others of what their lives could be and that their dreams could actually become their reality. Today, I'm helping people at all stages of life learn how to create, leverage, and love their personal brands in order to make the next big move in their life. I wear a lot of different hats these days. Marketer. Dad. YouTuber. Teacher. Writer. Coach. Husband. Ninja. All these things are true. And all these things are me.

When I’m not running Rebel Haiku, my marketing consultancy, I’m here coaching people on their personal brands, working on my YouTube channel (8.4 million views and counting), or working on a new book!


A true creative communicator, Jon has experienced enough seemingly disconnected careers in his lifetime to confuse any guidance counselor. Charging ahead with the realization that creativity can be applied to any profession, Jon has stitched together a fascinating tapestry of backgrounds in automotive design, youth ministry, advertising, marketing, YouTube stardom, coaching, teaching, and training. Between his YouTube videos, workshops, and coaching, Jon’s content has been experienced by millions of people across the world, helping give practical guidance on creating, launching, and loving their personal brands. Jon is the author of Creative Threads and Brand Thyself and coaches individuals and groups on the “how-to” side of launching their personal brands for a purpose. Jon’s mission is to gather and inspire people to live out their true calling by sharing his unique background about finding the Creative Thread between his past careers and building on that foundation for the future. Jon is a parent of 5 kiddos and resides in Ellicott City with his wife Robin. www.thejonbarnes.com.