Creative Communication

I write because I can't stop myself.
By now you have a sense that whatever I do, creative communication is going to be the heart and soul of it. Over the last few years I've written 2 books, not necessarily because I set out to but because I absolutely had to. I couldn't stop. Couldn't help myself. One baked in my mind for a year and then was written on 2 airplane trips, the other was birthed in weeks and flowed effortlessly onto the page in days. Check them out below! - Jon

Brand Thyself: How to Create, Leverage, and Love Your Personal Brand.

A handbook on building your personal brand for people who aren’t looking to go viral with TikTok dances but do want to step into something bigger and more powerful in their life. Brand Thyself! is a practical, process-oriented approach to help anyone lay the foundation of their personal brand, understand the pathway to bring it to life, and discover some profound truths about themselves along the way. Packed with tips, hacks, and guidance, Brand Thyself is jam-packed with the tools you need to finally gain momentum with your personal brand.

Creative Threads: Think Like an Entrepreneur, Discover Your Calling

Written for college students, graduates, and young professionals in their first few years in the working world, Creative Threads is a book about finding your way, knowing yourself, and discovering your calling. If you’ve even wondered how to choose your big “what’s next,” what to do when your past experiences seem all over the place, or simply how to make a confident decision when you have a ton of options, this book is for you.