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Written for college students, graduates, and young professionals in their first few years in the working world, Creative Threads is a book about finding your way, knowing yourself, and discovering your calling. If you’ve even wondered how to choose your big “what’s next,” what to do when your past experiences seem all over the place, or simply how to make a confident decision when you have a ton of options, this book is for you.

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

What, you don’t know? You don’t have it all figured out? You haven’t developed your 50-year plan and mapped out how your life goals connect to your college major? Why not?

Ok, I’m messing with you. Of course you don’t have it figured out. You don’t have a life plan because determining what’s going to happen half a century from now is just, well… crazy.

Life is more like a circle than a line. If you travel along far enough you’ll see that the path you’re on is a very long curve, like the surface of the earth, and not a straight and endless road at all. Go along it for a really long time and you’ll find that you recognize some of the surroundings, because you’ve made a complete circle and come back to where you started. This isn’t a bad thing, as if there’s no progress in life or that we’re meant to spin in circles, it just means that our lives have a rhythm, a sense of cycle, that often will bring us back to a familiar place.

For me, I found that my journey did indeed bring me to a familiar place. It was a place I had known all along and that really I brought with me wherever I went. Just like if you are in a very large maze and you unwind a spool of thread as you go through it, eventually you’ll find the places you’ve been when you turn a corner and see the thread you left there before.

Thankfully life isn’t a maze but the idea is still the same. God is weaving a common thread through your past, present, and future. This thread is unique to you, and it saturates everything you do. Sometimes you feel like your specific thread is very obvious and that everyone can see it. Other times it’s as if there’s no thread at all and you feel like you are wandering with no map or compass.

My “thread” has been creative communication. In automotive design I communicated the feel and shape of a car through marker and chalk. As a pastor I used words, experiences, and relationships to creatively communicate the deep truths of the Bible and to help students learn it. When running my own business I learned to creatively communicate through web design, video, graphics, and social media. In legal marketing I did the same but also through the barriers of other cultures and languages. In the creative agency I experienced the purity of creative communication through persuasive writing, branding, web content, and in-person events. Now with this book I have the privilege of looking back and seeing that creative thread (it’s always easier looking backward), and sharing about it so that you can be encouraged that God is weaving a unique thread through your story as well.

So… What’s your creative thread?


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