Brand Thyself: How to Create, Leverage, and Love Your Personal Brand

Combining Passion and a Plan for Your Personal Brand
If you’ve tried and failed to create your personal brand before, you know how critical it is to KEEP GOING! And it’s not just about grit. It’s about marrying Passion and a Plan together to make your process unstoppable. Brand Thyself! is a practical, process-oriented approach to help anyone lay the foundation of their personal brand, understand the pathway to bring it to life, and discover some profound truths about themselves along the way. Packed with tips, hacks, and guidance, Brand Thyself is jam-packed with the tools you need to finally gain momentum with your personal brand.

Ready to finally get it right when it comes to your personal brand?

Let’s be honest. It’s crazy out there.
Everywhere you turn, there’s instability. Markets are unpredictable. There may or may not still be a global pandemic happening as you’re reading this. The economy. Conflict. Legislation. Take your pick.
But even when everything else is shaky, one truth remains. At the end of the day, you are the best investment that you can possibly make. YOU are the most reliable thing that you can invest money and time into and expect great results in return.
And your personal brand is how you extend yourself into the world and shape the perception of yourself in your sphere of influence.
Personal branding isn’t just for people giving TED talks, taking the stage at an Apple release party, trying to get featured in the New York Times, or selling a stake in a billion-dollar IPO.
Everyone needs to get this right. You need to get this right. I’ve led and managed everything from pay-per-click campaigns to social strategy, graphics, video, content, marketing, SEO, ads, budget analysis, research, and big brand vision. All the things. All the areas. All types of clients.
But my favorite part is training people on how to dig deep, discover who they really are, and connect their future to their personal brand. That’s why I’m writing this book. This is where I’m going all in during this next phase of my life. It’s the greatest need I see among those I work with every day and I love the process I’ve built to help get people finding momentum, fast.

Now, here’s some good news.
No matter what you’ve done in the past, whether you’ve invested a little or a lot in your personal brand (or never even started), ultimately, the process never ends. It’s an ongoing practice of reinvention and evolution; constantly developing the habit of looking inside to see who you are, what you want, where you’re going, and whether or not your external activities connect with that vision.
As you get deeper into this book, you’ll find a framework for personal branding you can apply to yourself. What I’ve put together is an easy introduction to the process that anyone can use to get started.
We’re not coming right out of the gate with logos and brand colors and comparing ourselves to Nike and Apple.

No, this isn’t about that at all. It’s about YOU.

So… Ready to Brand Thyself?


From Car Design To Ministry To YouTube (And What Else?!)
Know Thyself. Which One Of These Are You?
Pause And Define: What Is A Personal Brand?
The Must-Have Ingredients Of A Personal Brand
The Personal Brand Process: Your Logo Is NOT The First Thing You Do
Ends And Means: Leveraging Your Brand For A Higher Purpose
Snapshots Of Personal Brand Transformations
How to Monetize Your Personal Brand
The Real Reason Personal Brands Monetize (Or Don’t)
Monetization Scenarios: What Do People Really Want From You?
Converting Credibility Into Sellable Assets
Doing the Doing: How to Deploy a Monetization System
FULL STOP: Are You Sure?
Take Action
How I’ve Helped People Win At This
In Closing

I’m giving this book to my team today and sharing it with my friends because Jon Barnes just nailed it… If you want to succeed in these changing times, read this book.