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After running my marketing strategy agency for almost 4 years I realized that the parts of that business I liked the most were all centered around coaching and teaching. Over time I've focused more and more energy on my coaching to run 2 powerful programs. These are some of my favorite engagements with transformation, change, and inspiration happening weekly.

Neon Goliath / 1:1 Coaching

David and Goliath. A tale for the ages. Do you ever feel like you have a big, bad Goliath in your life? Not a real person standing 7 feet tall but a goal, challenge, vision, or endeavor that is an absolute hulking monster beast that you know you need to beat to get where you want to go? Welcome to Neon Goliath. The most practical and hands-on 1:1 personal brand coaching package available. If you have a giant, towering, neon Goliath in your path and are looking for a coach to help you slay that beast with your personal brand, Neon Goliath is where you need to be. This elite 1:1 coaching experience is perfect for you if you’re saying things like:

  • I’m frustrated but ready to move. “I’ve waited too long. It’s time to go for it. I know what I want and where I need to be and I need to go up against this giant fully armed and ready for battle.”
  • I’m hesitant but motivated: “I’ve tried to serious about my personal brand before but it’s always ends up just being me. Fighting alone. In my own head. I need Passion and a Plan and someone to walk through this battle with me.
  • I need a partner. I am Frodo heading to Mordor. I need a Sam.

Make no mistake, being a part of Neon Goliath is not for everyone. You will sweat. You will work. We will be bloodied in the battle together but, come hell or high water, you are going to take the action needed to gain momentum in launching and loving your personal brand. If you are at a place in your life where you’re ready to go big, invest in yourself, charge hard, and make it happen, Neon Goliath is for you. It’s not a coaching package. It’s a movement of change.

Neon Goliath: Defeat the beast, take the mountain.

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Neon Goliath is not accepting new coaching clients at this time.
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TAPESTRY / Group Coaching

If you know you need to get serious about your personal brand and are ready to join a community that’s on the same mission, Tapestry group coaching is where you need to be. Tapestry (yes, it’s an acronym, keep reading) is a group coaching program where you and a community of like-minded people are meeting online once/week to focus on your Passion and a Plan strategy: how to get clear on your personal brand, how to make a roadmap to launch it, gaining momentum in getting out there, and seeing it through until you’ve reached your destination and soaring higher than you thought possible! If any of the below statements sound like you then Tapestry is where you need to be:

  • Lack of direction: “I don’t know where to start to get going when it comes to creating my personal brand.”
  • Lack of clarity: “I don’t know what exactly I want, I just have a general sense that it’s “big and different” and involves my personal brand, background, and experience.”
  • Lack of plan: “I don’t have an organized approach to developing my personal brand or weaponizing it in a tactical fashion.”
  • Lack of means: “I don’t have the tools, access, resources, or community to truly have success in this process.”
  • Lack of motivation: “I honestly don’t have the energy or passion by myself to sustain the work that I know I need to do to build my personal brand.”

Ok, ready for the acronym? Tapestry stands for: Take Action with Passion Expecting Supernatural Transformation… Right? Yes! (Go ahead, spell it out). It has a question and answer as part of the acronym because right here, right now, I’m asking… Are you ready?

Tapestry. Weave a path from chaos and find passion and a plan as you create, launch, and love your personal brand.

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The next TAPESTRY cohort begins July 2022.
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