What I'm working on right now
I launched out on my own so that I could have 7 full time jobs... under one roof. Here is a quick run down with some links to projects that I'm currently working on, launching, or nurturing. Click the images to check out those project's sites.

And yes, this is an actual suit that I bought... on purpose.

Rebel Haiku

My day job is serving as CEO of Rebel Haiku. It’s the creative and strategy agency/training space that I developed to help businesses tackle their biggest creative challenges and get trained on marketing and leadership development. This is the intersection of creative, strategy, business, and training and it’s a ton of fun.  www.rebelhaiku.com

Rebel Haiku

Pumthuggee YouTube Channel

With over 18,000 subscribers and 8+ million views, my YouTube channel about car design, car customizing, art, and filmmaking is a huge creative outlet. It’s also a major hub for dialogue on car design schools, portfolio questions, and career advice. Plus tons of weird stuff. www.youtube.com/pumthuggee


How to Get a Raise or Promotion (Udemy Course)

I concepted, filmed, and produced this online course after I woke up one day to realize that I’d acquired a significant amount of knowledge about obtaining raises and promotions. Between research, experience, and my career coaching, I put together a very accessible video course about the topic. It lives on a platform called Udemy. www.udemy.com/how-to-get-a-raise-or-promotion/
How to get a raise


A revolution in the world of style! Capes have fallen on hard times. They’ve been relegated to dracula and superheroes almost exclusively. But the cape is a powerful form of fashion. Imagine leaving a meeting with a swoosh of your cape. Imagine meeting a client, presenting a seminar, or just chatting at the watercooler… with a powerful cape. It’s Execucape, a new fashion movement dedicated to bringing back the cape to modern executive menswear (Coming TBD).

Own Your Future: Creative Edition (Udemy Course)

Based on my portfolio and career coaching experience I put together this 9-part video course for young designers who are on their way toward an education or career involving design. Meant to apply to everyone from graphic designers to front end interactive or industrial designers, this course is an easily digestible curriculum that can benefit anyone just starting out their career or schooling. (www.udemy.com/own-your-future/)
Own Your Future Course


Some friends of ours called their family minivan the “Vanborghini.” I thought this was the funniest thing ever and since I love both Lamborghinis and minivans, decided to formalize it into a brand. This link takes you to the Vanborghini merch store where you can get official gear if you’re someone living that Vanborghini lifestyle. (www.zazzle.com/collections/vanborghini-119199615737432327)